Oct 122011

Henry HydeHello. My name is Henry, and this is my site about cats. Henry’s Cats celebrates cats of all types and reviews reputable products and services. Servicing the worldwide community of cat owners, veterinarians and feline specialists, Henry’s Cats champions responsible cat ownership and care with a sense of fun. My intention is that this site will become a useful resource for cat owners and cat lovers the world over, whether your preference is for the carefully-groomed showcat or the common-or-garden moggy. I love them all!

Over the coming weeks and months, I shall be adding lots of useful information and links aimed at delighting cat lovers everywhere. We’re going to be looking at a host of different things for and about cats and their owners, such as:

  • Cat ownership (though who owns whom is debatable!)
  • Cat care and medicine (with the help of veterinarians)
  • Cat breeds
  • Cat insurance
  • Cat food
  • Cat apparel
  • Cat bedding
  • Cat toys and playthings
  • Cat psychology
  • Cat mythology
  • Cats in literature
  • Cat-themed gifts for cat lovers
  • Gifts for cats
  • Cat art and photography
  • Cat holidays and catteries
  • Coping with the loss or death of your cat

And much, much more!

We’re also open to suggestions about the kind of topics you’d like to see covered, and there will be space for you to comment on the articles and other things we post. (Please keep things friendly, as we expect younger people will be visiting this site as well.)

Oh, and in case you’re interested, the two cats in the header image are mine – that’s Bibby on the left, and Chuffy on the right. They’re eight-year-old twin sisters. You’ll be seeing more of them!

Bibby & Chuffy as kittens

Bibby and Chuffy on the first day at home, February 2004

Henry Hyde

Thanks for your visit – check back soon!